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4th Generation 600V Super Junction MOSFETs

Taiwan Semiconductor introduces the 4th generation 600V NE series super junction MOSFETs which are designed to improve efficiency and power density in high voltage applications. The latest technology of the

Bi-directional ESD Protection Diode

TESDL24VB17P1Q1 is a unique design with proprietary clamping cells in a small package. The DFN1006 package size is 1.0 mm x 0.6 mm and the thickness is only 0.5 mm,

Automotive Bi-directional ESD Protection Diode

The TESDA24VB30P2CX is Bidirectional ESD rated clamping cell to protect power interfaces, control line, or low speed data line in an electronic system. The capacitance Cd has to be smaller

500mW, Low IZT 1.8V-39V Surface Mount Zeners

Taiwan Semiconductor has launched a family of low-bias current Zener diodes. These 50 µA IZT Zener diodes feature popular industry standard SOD-123 packages.These efficient diodes are specified at low bias

Automotive Small-signal MOSFET

Key Features AEC-Q101 qualified Manufactured in IATF 16949 certified facilities Advanced trench cell design ESD protected (HBM >2kV) Moisture sensitivity level: level 1, per J-STD-020 RoHS Compliant Halogen-free  Applications General

Integrated AMR for Cylinder Position Detection

Description The TSHA2101 is produced with SIP (System in Package) technology, which builds AMR sensor & ASIC in one IC. It supports both 2-wire & 3-wire applications for cylinder position

GaN Transistor 650V

E-mode HEMT Taiwan Semiconductor introduces 650V Enhancement Mode GaN Transistors which are packaged in thermally efficient PDFN packages with small 5×6 & 8×8 mm footprint. These GaN Transistor products meet today’s


Taiwan Semiconductor introduces new 40V PerFET™ (NH Series) power MOSFETs with PDFN33 package. The new PerFET™ MOSFET built on proprietary device structures and processes that enable exceptionally low on-state resistance


Taiwan Semiconductor introduces PerFET™ (NH Series), a family of products built on proprietary device structures and processes that enable exceptionally low on-state resistance and switching figure-of-merit (FOM – R*Q). The

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