GaN Transistor 650V

E-mode HEMT

Taiwan Semiconductor introduces 650V Enhancement Mode GaN Transistors which are packaged in thermally efficient PDFN packages with small 5×6 & 8×8 mm footprint. These GaN Transistor products meet today’s high-power system requirements to achieve higher operating currents, higher efficiency, and smaller size and weight. The transistors, developed specifically for industrial, and renewable energy industries, feature the highest current GaN in production.
PDFN56 650V
PDFN88 650V

Key Features

  • True Enhancement mode
  • Best FOM and performance
  • No reverse recovery loss
  • Easy to parallel

Common with Si MOSFET

  • True enhancement-mode: Normally off
  • Voltage driven
  • Easy slew rate control by external RG
  • Compatible with Si MOSEFT gate driver chip


  • SMPS, Chargers
  • DC/DC converter
  • Server / Telecom / Data center
  • Inverters
  • Renewable Energy

Differences with Si MOSFET

  • Lower QG: Lower drive loss / faster switching
  • Higher gain and lower VGS (+5V ~ 6V) to turn on
  • Lower VGS(th): 1.5V (typ.)

Product Portfolio

PackagePart NumberVDS

RDS(ON) Typ.
RDS(ON) Max.
PDFN88TSG65N068CE650-10 / +71.1~ 2.63050686.7610
PDFN88TSG65N068CE650-10 / +71.1~ 2.618781104370
PDFN88 TSG65N195CE 650-10 / +71.1~ 2.6111501952.2190
PDFN56TSG65N190CR650-10 / +71.1~ 2.6111501952.2190
* Max Tj =150°C

Simple-driven for E-mode HEMT

  • Most Popular Solutions
    Gate Drivers for GaN device: ADuM4121ARIZ/ ACPL-P346/ NCP51820/ Si8271/ Si8273/ 4/ 5.
  • Si MOS Driver Circuit Modification
    The driving voltage for Si MOSFET is usually 10V to 12V. It’s easy to shift the voltage level to 6V for GaN Transistor by add 4 extra R, C, ZD components.
Gate Bias LevelGate Bias LevelSi MOSFET
Maximum ratingTSG65N068CE-20V / +20V
Typical valueOffTSG65N068CE0V
On TSG65N195CE +10V ~ 12V

Recommend Value

SymbolValueFootprintFunctionTSC product
R3~ 10 kΩ0402 / 0603Keep the driving voltage
C1~ 47 nF0402 / 0603Hold negative voltage for turning off
ZD15.6V ZenerSOD923F / 0603Clamp the positive gate voltage TSZU52C5V6
ZD29.1V ZenerSOD923F / 0603Clamp the negative gate voltage TSZU52C9V1
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