TSC Officially Joins “2024 TALENT, in Taiwan” Alliance

Taiwan Semiconductor Co., Ltd. believes that sustainable talent development is crucial for organizations to achieve long-term success. Continuously strengthening organizational adaptability to change and maintaining market competitiveness are vital missions for TSC. In 2024, marking our 45th anniversary and to continue nurturing and developing talent in response to global ESG trends and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), TSC announces its official participation in the “2024 TALENT, in Taiwan” Alliance initiated by CommonWealth Magazine Group. TSC joins hands with over 400 leading companies in Taiwan to jointly promote sustainable talent development.

TSC is committed to advancing sustainable talent actions across various dimensions, implementing indicators such as Diversity and Inclusion, Physical and Mental Health, Cultivation and Growth, Communication and Experience, to enhance talent sustainability competitiveness:

  1. Diversity and Inclusion:

TSC is dedicated to establishing a diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace, respecting the uniqueness and differences of all employees. To achieve this goal, we not only employ local talent but also embrace international talent. With a global presence, we provide various employment opportunities through diverse and inclusive recruitment policies, both online and offline. Currently, TSC has over 1,400 employees worldwide.

  1. Physical and Mental Health:

Employee welfare and physical and mental health are key elements of sustainable operations. We continuously care for employee health management through various welfare programs, flexible policies, and superior health check systems beyond legal requirements, promoting work-life balance and creating a healthy and supportive workplace environment.

  1. Cultivation and Growth:

Through various education and training programs tailored to the needs of different positions, TSC cultivates required abilities and offers diverse courses. Utilizing diverse education and training channels, interactive learning methods such as team activities, group discussions, and applications are incorporated to ensure practical learning and mutual growth, establishing a comprehensive talent database.

  1. Communication and Experience:

We value employee relationships and establish diverse, two-way, and open communication channels, including the intranet, physical bulletin boards, mailboxes, complaint hotlines/email, labor-management meetings, etc., respecting and valuing every employee’s opinions and feedback.

TSC commits to continue actively cultivating talent and creating a happy and friendly workplace through various sustainable actions.


Join TSC: https://www.taiwansemi.com/zh_tw/careers/

Event Details: “2024 TALENT, in Taiwan” Alliance

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