Publication of 2022 Sustainability Report

2022 Taiwan Semiconductor Sustainability report

Taiwan Semiconductor Co., LTD. has officially launched its 2022 Sustainability Report. This report reveals the company’s goals and achievements in promoting ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) across three key dimensions.  

TSC has emphasized its commitment to addressing various sustainability issues, valuing stakeholder input, and building a more comprehensive framework for sustainable governance. This approach ensures that, as TSC pursues operational excellence, it also contributes positively to environmental, social, and economic development. 

In 2022, TSC established the ESG Committee to enhance sustainable governance. Following the framework set by the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), the company incorporated climate governance into its sustainability strategy, demonstrating a firm commitment to climate action. TSC continues to invest in product development, creating high-quality automotive products to help customers improve their product performance while using eco-friendly packaging materials, thus contributing to energy efficiency and carbon reduction. 


The expanding greenhouse gas inventory coverage according to ISO 14064-1 standards and enhancing resource efficiency through equipment replacement projects. Over the past three years, TSC has saved 1,410,830 kWh of energy. 

  • The company actively promotes resource recycling, achieving a 100% recycling rate for waste sludge in the factory, in support of the circular economy. 
  • TSC has contributed over NT$5 million to social assistance and donations to underprivileged school children. 
  • During the pandemic, the company jointly organized blood donation activities that collected 118 bags of blood. 
  • On talent development, not only by recruiting external talent through diverse channels but also by strengthening internal education and training programs to cultivate employee expertise and knowledge


The scope of TSC’s first-ever Sustainability Report covers its operations in Taiwan, including two manufacturing facilities and its headquarters. The company plans to gradually expand the scope of reporting to include overseas operations and subsidiaries starting next year. To enhance transparency of sustainability information, TSC will continue to communicate with stakeholders actively by publishing an annual sustainability report and establishing an ESG section on the official website. 


Contact: Hsieh Hsin-Yu, Executive Secretary
Unit: ESG Office 
Tel: +886 2 8913-1588 Ext. 1603

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