Occupational Safety and Health

TSC acknowledges the importance of establishing a safe and healthy workplace environment for sustainable operations. To effectively improve the management performance of the workplace environment, TSC has implemented various measures. These include the Safety and Health Work Rules, Emergency Incident Handling Procedures, Emergency Response Procedures, as well as operating procedures for air pollution, wastewater, waste, noise, radiation, greenhouse gas, and other related operations. The objective of these measures is to minimize potential harm to employees and the environment during emergencies.

TSC offers comprehensive occupational safety and health education and training programs for both new and current employees. This includes on-the-job training in occupational safety and health, fire evacuation drills, safety lectures, earthquake drills, respiratory protection education and training, safety protection training, AED+CPR basic first aid training, health education lectures, and emergency response measures. These diverse courses aim to establish a secure working environment. Furthermore, the company arranges for professional medical institutions to conduct annual individual health examinations for employees. Simultaneously, health promotion handbooks are provided to enhance employee health awareness.

Establishing a Complete Occupational Safety Management System

The safety management framework at the I-lan Site and the Li-Je Site of TSC adheres to the ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System. Both sites have achieved a 100% coverage rate, which has been verified. The internal environmental safety personnel are responsible for operating the system, following the “Plan-Do-Check-Action” framework. In addition to implementing automatic inspection plans, the Occupational Health and Safety Management Committee oversees and continuously improves the system on a quarterly basis. This system applies to all activities, products, and services of workers at the I-lan Site and the Li-Je Site. Furthermore, all employees, outsourced personnel, contractors, and visitors to the factory must comply with the company’s relevant regulations and requirements to ensure the effectiveness and consistency of the system and to achieve the company’s occupational health and safety policies and objectives.

For more details, please refer to 2022 TSC ESG Report, Chapter 4.

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