レスポンシブル・ビジネス・アライアンス(RBA)ポリシー タイワン・セミコンダクター社は「顧客第一」、「品質第一」、そして「RBA行動規範」を実践しています。企業文化として「主動的であり、積極的であり、前向きである」企業精神を重んじ、「正直であり、素直であり、現実的であり、チームワークを大切にし、革新的である」会社の行動に取り組みRBA精神を実現しています。
RBAポリシーとは 「ビジネス倫理」、「人権保護」、「安全衛生」、「社会貢献」

In order to implement the standards of RBA, the following principles are:


Abide by or exceed the laws and regulations compliance.


The Company shall not employ child labors, exploit workers under the minimum legal age, female maltreatment, corporal punishment, mental and physical coercion and verbal abuse; if juvenile worker older than the applicable legal minimum age (16-18 year old) is hired, the Company shall have protection mechanisms to ensure of a safe and sound health physically and mentally.


The Company shall ensure that all work is voluntary.


The Company shall ensure that all workers receive at least the legally mandated minimum wages, overtime fees, lawful working hours and benefits.


The Company shall ensure of no wage deduction out of unreasonable penalties.


With regard to recruitment and employment, the Company shall not tolerate any sexual harassment and unlawful discrimination.


The Company shall not discriminate against any worker based on race, place of birth, gender, age, religion, and political affiliation, etc.


The Company shall educate workers to abide by the standards of RBA, prohibit any form of corruption, extortion and embezzlement, and respect intellectual property rights to protect internal business secrets.


The Company shall ensure that all of its suppliers and subcontractors follow the standards of Corporate RBA policy.

Title Revision Date File
RBA policy 14/08/19 Download pdf

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