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Internal Auditing

In accordance with the Regulations Governing Establishment of Internal Control Systems by Public Companies, an Audit Office directly subordinate to the Board of Directors has been established to set up a comprehensive internal risk control system and effectively implement it. An internal audit plan is conducted once a year between November and December, and the audit plan for the following year is reported to the Board of Directors in order to respond to changes in the internal and external environment of the group and ensure the continuous effectiveness of the system.

The main purpose and execution requirements of the Audit Office are to investigate and evaluate deficiencies in the internal control system and the efficiency of operations as well as providing timely improvement suggestions to assist the Board of Directors and management in fulfilling their responsibilities. The Audit Office adopts independent full-time internal auditing, conducting regular and irregular business audits and financial audits to effectively evaluate the soundness, reasonableness, and effectiveness of the internal control systems.

When auditors engage in audit work, they will provide an audit report and a specified time limit for improvement to the inspected unit, so that they can provide explanations and implement improvement measures for abnormalities, and continuously track the progress of improvements.

Jun 30, 2020Responsibilities of Internal Auditor
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