ESG Committee

The highest sustainable governance unit of TSC is the ESG Committee, established in May 2022. It serves as the decision-making and supervisory unit for TSC’s sustainable development efforts, dedicated to promoting environmental conservation and fulfilling social responsibilities. The committee has also formulated an ESG Committee Charter to ensure that the Company fulfills its responsibilities in safeguarding the rights and interests of the Company, employees, shareholders, and stakeholders.

Under the ESG Committee are the ESG Office and the Corporate Social Responsibility Functional Team that ensure the promotion and implementation of corporate sustainable development-related work. The ESG Committee is responsible for formulating the Company’s sustainable development policies, strategies, and implementation plans for corporate sustainable governance, integrity operation, and environmental and social goals. It is also responsible for reviewing, tracking, and revising the implementation and effectiveness of the Company’s sustainable development, and reporting to the chairman at least twice a year. Additionally, ESG Committee should pay attention to the concerns of various stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, suppliers, employees, government, non-profit organizations, communities, and the media, and supervise communication plans.

The ESG Office is composed of supervisors of the Administration Division, and supervisors and executive secretaries of each site. They are responsible for managing relevant policies and action plans for sustainability goals, coordinating and tracking the progress of various actions, and regularly reporting on the progress of sustainability projects and other significant issues to the ESG Committee.

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