Powertrain System

The powertrain system is a critical component of a vehicle responsible for generating and transmitting power to propel the vehicle. It encompasses the mechanical and electrical components that work together to convert energy from a fuel source (typically gasoline, diesel, or electricity) into the mechanical power needed to drive the vehicle’s wheels.

The powertrain system typically includes several key components and subsystems – engine and electronic engine controls, Transmission, and communication with the engine to maximize efficient power transfer to the drivetrain which includes transaxle, transfer case or AWD-4 wheel drive and differential axle controls to transfer power between wheels to optimize traction in a wide range of driving conditions. 

In the case of electric motors or HEV’s the motors may drive the wheels directly.  Powertrain systems include an ECU which manages and optimizes engine performance, fuel efficiency and emissions where a PCM or power control module in HEVs or EVs control the motors, battery management and power distribution in the vehicle.  Advances in powertrain technology aim to improve fuel efficiency, reduce emissions, and enhance overall performance.

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