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Taiwan Semiconductor Co., Ltd. is marking its 45th anniversary this year. From overcoming the challenges of the early investment environment to growing to over 1,600 employees globally and achieving consolidated revenue exceeding 14 billion NTD in 2023, TSC has become a leading brand in the industry. TSC has upheld three core principles: precise market positioning, unwavering commitment to product quality, and a strong team capable of practical action, which has enabled continued growth in the industry.

Sam Wang, Vice President of Product Marketing, highlighted TSC’s ability to discern market demands: “From consumer products to expanding into the automotive and industrial markets, TSC has garnered positive feedback from customers through years of accumulated experience and continuous innovation in product development, successfully entering the international automotive market.” Amy Liu, Vice President of Sales Marketing, mentioned that TSC’s relationship with customers goes beyond buyer-seller interactions. For example, in recent years, product design collaboration projects have been initiated. Such strategic partnerships not only deepen mutual trust but also provide opportunities for TSC and its customers to grow together in the industry.

In terms of product quality, the “Zero-defect” strategy is TSC’s commitment. To meet high-quality standards and reliability verification, TSC has continuously improved its factory infrastructure, moving towards Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing trends. TSC has recently established an automation development department, aiming to create superior competitiveness in production through comprehensive smart production and testing.

Besides, TSC’s sustainable operation relies on the professionalism, dedication, and innovation of its organization and team members. Sam Wang pointed out that TSC is fortunate to have recruited experienced colleagues in various fields, including research and development, product marketing, sales, and operations, enabling the realization of its sustainable vision. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, with logistics hubs worldwide and agile strategies, the supply chain has remained uninterrupted to meet customer needs. Senior Vice President Helen Wang and Vice President Keller Yen also expressed that because changes always overtake plans, “adaptability becomes the most important DNA of the factories.” Production must be able to respond quickly to meet the needs, relying on trust, communication, and experience among teams. TSC’s four factories each play a crucial role in this aspect.

Looking forward, in the new era of AI, 5G, and the IOT, TSC’s products support various emerging applications. With the continuous development of the electric vehicle industry, such as advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), charging infrastructure, etc., TSC will continue to monitor industry trends and improve product differentiation. In terms of market strategy, TSC continues to expand its global market layout. In addition to markets such as China, Europe, and North America, Southeast Asia is also a target market with great development potential. Sam Wang also expressed gratitude to all team members, customers, partners, and suppliers, thanking all for their support. He looks forward to continuing efforts in the future, allowing TSC to shine on the international stage.

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