News: TJ175℃ SMPC4.6U Trench Schottky, 45V/60V with AEC-Q101 Qualified


The TSUPxM45SH & TSUPxM60SH Schottky rectifiers offer low leakage current and low forward voltage drop. The series devices are optimized for the automotive applications with low power loss, high efficiency – maximum leakage current is only 20mA at high temperature operation.

The series devices include 5A/10A/15A forward current and maximum VRRM is 45V/60V. All these capabilities are packed into SMPC4.6U (TO-277A compatible) package. This is a wettable flank package, it enhances the solder joint and AOI testability. It is also low profile with typical height of 1.1mm, RoHS compliant and halogen free.


Key Features & Advantages:
►AEC-Q101 qualified
►Trench Schottky technology
►Very low profile – typical height of 1.1mm
►Excellent high temperature stability
►High forward surge capability
►Low power loss, high efficiency
►Ideal for automated placement
►Wettable flank
►Moisture sensitivity level: level 1, per J-STD-020
►RoHS Compliant
►Halogen-free according to IEC 61249-2-21 

►Switching mode power supply (SMPS)
►Lighting application
►On-board DC/DC converter
►Automotive charger
►Reverse polarity protection











Part Number


VRRM(V) IFSM(A) VF(V) IR(µA) TJ Max.(°C) Package
TSUP5M45SH 5 45 110 0.6 150 175 SMPC4.6U
TSUP10M45SH 10 45 220 0.6 200 175 SMPC4.6U
TSUP15M45SH 15 45 290 0.6 350 175 SMPC4.6U
TSUP5M60SH 5 60 110 0.64 200 175 SMPC4.6U
TSUP10M60SH 10 60 220 0.64 250 175 SMPC4.6U
TSUP15M60SH 15 60 290 0.64 450 175 SMPC4.6U