News: Linear Constant Current Regulated LED Driver



Key Features & Advantages:

  • Linear Constant Current Regulator:

                TSCR420CX6, TSCR421CX6: Low-Side control

                TSCR400CX6, TSCR402CX6: High-Side control

  • LED drive current present:

                TSCR420CX6, TSCR421CX6: 10mA

                TSCR400CX6: 0.1mA

                TSCR402CX6: 20mA

  • Adjustable output current with external resistor

                TSCR420CX6, TSCR421CX6: up to 300mA

                TSCR400CX6, TSCR402CX6: up to 65mA

  • Supply voltage up to 40V
  • Increased Reliability

                 Monolithically integrating a transistor, diodes and resistors both simplifies the system by reducing component count and increases overall  reliability.

  • Easy paralleling of drivers to increase current
  • Good temperature coefficient vs. output current
  • Digital PWM input up to 10kHz (TSCR421CX6)


  • Automotive interior light
  • Architectural light strips
  • Mood light
  • Channel light
  • Retail refrigeration light
  • Vending machines light
  • Freezer cases light
  • Advertising signage light
  • Emergency light strips